What’s our story?

What’s our story?

Pamela J. Green MBA, SPHR, PCC, ICC

Pamela J. Green

A message from our founder:

I believe it’s more than money that makes a business successful. It’s a combination of having a product or service that customers want and it’s about hiring leaders who can facilitate a successful exchange between the employee and the client. But there is more. At the very core of this engagement, an organization needs a pathway that is free of debris caused by broken communication, poor team interaction, and conflict.

You can have the right people in the right place and still have obstacles and challenges. I’m here to offer hope and a clear path.

During my 25+ years as a corporate leader, I had enriching experiences with some fantastic leaders – but it was a path lined with thorny roses. Some say it is unrealistic to experience success without working through conflict. I agree. It’s the working through part that helped shape who I am today; those prickly experiences taught me how to handle tough people dilemmas while working to avoid strategic drift.

I believe these experiences have put me in a strategic position to help you.

As leaders, we’re taught to spot conflict, perhaps even to avoid it, but we’re not taught how to address it directly, head-on, without exasperating the existing challenge.

The only reason the protagonist isn’t afraid of the antagonist in films and television is because they’re prepared for the conflict. Armed with talent, training and a mind that is prepared to engage, you too can learn to disarm and redirect conflict scenarios.

This isn’t a movie, this is real life and if you haven’t heard, conflict is on the rise. Stop it from disrupting your personal, professional and organizational progress by learning the powerful skill of coaching, and more specifically conflict coaching, and apply it today in your organization.

There are five actions our programs are designed to accomplish:

  1. Teach you how to coach – one of the fastest growing and most in-demand skills needed in organizations.
  2. Provide you with substantive training and resources to disarm and redirect negative energy through conflict coaching techniques.
  3. Prepare you to obtain two very important credentials, Internal Conflict Coach (ICC) certification and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential awarded by the International Coach Federation.
  4. Avoid strategic drift when you let us develop and deliver a customized team coach training program for your group of internal coaching candidates.
  5. Become your go-to resource for internal conflict coaching solutions.

Research proves over and over that the more diverse the organization, the greater the opportunity for exponential success. You’ll never get to the ‘exponential’ part without the ability to work through conflict.

Stop being afraid of conflict, learn how to leverage it, and watch your organization stride confidently into the fragrant garden of organizational success. My team and I are here to show you exactly how.

See you in class,


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