Program Testimonials

Program Testimonials

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Since taking your master class last year I have been coaching people to help themselves instead of telling them what to do.  It not only gives them an aha moment, but I also get the same feeling when I see an individual change their course of action not because I suggested it, but because they worked through it on their own.  The master class has profoundly changed my life as well by using the techniques taught in the class I have been able to work through my life and professional goals.  Last of all, many colleagues and friends have commented on how I should not only be a Coach but a Life Coach as well.  Since the class, I have gone on to obtain my Career Coaching Certification as well. This will assist me in the spectrum of being a full embodied “Coach” in all areas.

Thank You, Pam, for being part of that change in my life.

Wanda D., HR Business Partner

Pam, your system works! I just closed the first quarter with $50,000k in team coaching revenues which is beating my forecast by 25%!

C. Jefferson, Ph.D.

Pam is an outstanding and engaging facilitator. Her course covers the ICF competencies but more importantly takes a practical approach as to how to use coaching in business settings. She deals with real issues like conflicts of interest, the role of leadership and HR and tough coaching scenarios. I think her course is excellent and made me a much better coach. I use Pam’s course to develop many of our coaches as well. All have come back extremely satisfied.

S. Oliver, MIR, MBA, ACC
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