Emerging Coach Training

Emerging Coach Training

Train Me To Coach

We call this our “learn to coach” program. This ICF Approved program will prepare you to coach internally, provide you with the skills of conflict coaching, prepare you for the ACC Credential, and enable you to accomplish our ICC Certificate.

This program is for anyone who would like to:

  • Learn basic coaching skills
  • Use coaching to manage conflict and boost collaboration
  • Seek a path to the ICF ACC Coach Credential
  • Obtain an approved HRCCI Internal Conflict Coach (ICC) Certificate
  • Boost their relevance, professional credibility, and internal value
  • Explore internal and external coaching applications

Things to know before you enroll...

For HR professionals and business leaders seeking to reduce internal conflict, boost collaboration, and enhance the value of their brands at work through coaching.

What makes our coaching program unique is that our approach combines the skills of basic coaching with learning to coach conflict, and the exploration of how to help employees change their mental models to achieve individual and organizational success.

Currently offering 3 options:

  1. Virtual - 15 consecutive weeks (4 hours per week of class time)
  2. 50/50 Blended Training – 7 weeks (6 days in person and 5 weeks virtually, 2 hours per week)


Our instructors will help you boost your value and improve your professional credibility by teaching you how to leverage your coaching talent to design an effective coaching culture back at the office or wherever you desire.

  • Human Resource Professionals;
  • Leaders responsible for designing, implementing and sustaining coaching programs in their organizations;
  • Human Resource Consultants and Business Professionals;
  • Leaders Responsible for a Team, Group, or Business Unit.

What’s in it for me, for my organization? Your enrollment in the HR Coach Certification program is the first step in achieving your personal and professional goals. Below you’ll find information to ensure that you begin your coach training with The Institute in the right direction. We recognize the challenge you face in both developing your coaching skills, as well as the idea of building a coaching culture and program at the office. The Institute’s HR Coach Certification program is organized in a manner to successfully support you throughout the process.

As a result of your participation in this program, you will be equipped to:

Learning Outcomes

  • Define, apply and practice ICF’s 11 Core Coaching Competencies.
  • Understand and apply The HR Coaching & Career Institute’s unique conflict coaching framework to design a customized blueprint that uses coaching to build a world-class coaching culture.
  • Establish sound coaching and conflict coaching skills.
  • How to get out of your own way using assessment based concepts as a foundation.
  • Understand the parameters of coaching within organizations.
  • Understand what professional coaching is, and the distinctions between coaching and other professional roles.
  • Coach diverse performers in an intergenerational workforce.
  • Identify when coaching is appropriate versus other forms of performance improvement within organizations.
  • How to coach people with different learning styles, personalities, cultures, roles, etc.
  • Encourage breakthrough performance, increased productivity and business results.
  • Boost HR’s Credibility and Profitability.
  • After successful completion of the program, students are prepared to apply for the ICF ACC Level Credential and the HRCCI ICC Certificate.
  • 73 Coach Specific Training Hours.
  • ACSTH ICF, HRCI and SHRM Approved Program.

The 73-hour HR Coach Certification Program was designed to help you establish yourself as a coach in your organization.  This means you will participate in an intensive period of training where your skills are developed and tested to ensure you are able to walk away fully capable, and confident, in your role as an HR coach. Some of our students said that they had to first “unlearn” some things about what they thought about coaching.

We have carefully designed and tested this program to ensure we are delivering on our promise to provide you with solid, high-level coaching exposure, training, and development. You will not find another program like the one you are about to experience.

In addition to the Orientation Webinar pre-requisite, we’ve carefully designed the following three segments for this program:

Segment 1: Setting the Coaching Foundation

In the Foundations segment, participants will understand coaching ethics and standards and develop the ability to apply them appropriately in all coaching situations. This includes an introduction to the differences between coaching and mentoring, ICF core competencies, and how coaching is best applied in the work environment. Finally, in this segment, participants will examine their own coaching styles with help from the MBTI assessment, the elements of a great coaching session and how to work with internal customers (employees/staff). Topics addressed include:

  • Professional Ethics in Coaching
  • Establishing Yourself as An Internal Coach
  • The ICF Core Competencies

Segment 2: ICF Building Blocks

Segment two focuses on mastering the core competencies of coaching deemed critical by the International Coach Federation (ICF) for coaching success. Every participant will be given multiple opportunities to develop their coaching skills and learn how to help their internal customers achieve personal and professional success. In this segment you will learn and practice effective methods for establishing a coaching contract with employees, asking powerful questions, expanding employee perspective, moving through obstacles, designing actions, managing progress and holding employees accountable. You’ll walk away being a better listener, improving your credibility, and strengthening your communication skills. This segment is both rigorous and fulfilling. Topics addressed include:

  • Empowered to Succeed: Building Trust and Intimacy with The Employee
  • Self Awareness and Coaching Presence
  • Keys to Becoming a Great Listener
  • Identifying Employee Needs and Asking Powerful Questions
  • Creating Employee Awareness
  • Aligning Personal and Professional Goals (mission/vision)
  • Supporting Employee Progress and Accountability

Segment 3: Achieving Breakthrough Performance

In this final segment, you will bring together your foundational training and your core coaching skills to design an HR operation that uses coaching to help struggling employees create an alternative future while achieving breakthrough performance in your organization.

Through our program, you will have access to a broad network of other HR coaches and to an abundant list of supplemental coaching resources.

The cost of our program is inclusive of all required books and materials. Plus, the mentor coaching requirement is met through our program. Keep in mind that there are some things the cost of this program will not cover:

  • Long distance phone charges: price will vary
  • Device or service to record your coaching sessions: price will vary
  • Travel expenses to/from the in-person training location
  • Lunch is on your own for on-site trainings – though we will provide continental breakfast and snacks
  • Parking expenses for in-person trainings

This pricing strategy is pretty customary and you should find it easy to make any needed adjustments. If you decide to join the webinars through the webinar platform we use, there will be no additional long-distance charges.

Payment Policy

You will have several ways to pay for your experience. You may do so in full by credit card or you may make payment arrangements and pay in 2 or 3 equal payments. We do not retain any credit card information. If you have chosen to pay for your tuition via payment plan, you will be prompted monthly through email communication of your need to make your next payment. Your enrollment in a course is based on the receipt of funds for both the deposit and balance due prior to the start of class. If we do not receive payment in full prior to the start of class, we reserve the right to take any of the following actions:

  • Withdraw you from the training program with monies paid to date applicable to a future training program
  • Assess a monthly late fee

All course enrollments are subject to availability.  Transfers to other Institute programs will not be granted and there are no withdrawals allowed after the close of day 1 of the training.

If we are assessed insufficient fund fees, you will be charged a $45 processing fee for each occurrence and may be asked to submit a different form of payment. If we do not hear from you within 48 hours of our notification of your insufficient funds, your requested space in the course(s) may be released.

Withdrawal and Refunds

We understand that sometimes plans change. Because our training is quite intensive, we have created limited-size training programs and your registration reserves your space in the class. Therefore, cancellation of your registration may prevent others from registering because a spot is being held in good faith for you. If you cancel 30 days prior to the start of the event, you will receive a full refund less a $200 administrative cancellation fee. Cancellations that are made less than 30 days before the start of a program will not be refunded but may be transferred to another person with written approval by the authorizing individual or organization. You may also wish to freeze your payment for the next scheduled training or apply the payment towards other programs or services. Frozen payments made be applied to the next scheduled training or other services for up to 1 year from the date of the originally scheduled training.

Your lead instructor for your in-person training experiences will be President and Founder, Pamela J. Green. You can read her bio here.  Pamela’s goal is to set the tone for a productive experience and ignite your motivation to finish the course on a high note. Take some time to get to know the other instructors you’ll encounter:

You’ll find them knowledgeable, professional and highly engaging!  They all look forward to supporting your coaching goals.

Please fill out the form below and we will be happy to send you the syllabus of your choice.

Note: Individuals on both the ACC and PCC path qualify to take this beginner’s program. If you wish to take this path to PCC, please let our coaches know so we can assess you according to PCC markers.

Learn More About ACC & ICC

2018 50/50 Blended Training

Registration Ends August 31, 2018.

(Online and In-person, Alexandria, VA)
Orientation is September 4 at 7 pm EST

Classes Begin September 12th, 2018

Total Course Value: $16,464

Your Cost Today $3197

Virtual Option

(Anywhere in the world)

January 8, 2019

Orientation is January 2, 2019

Total Course Value: $16,464

  • 10 Hours Mentor Coaching ($1,200)
  • 33 Re-Certification Credits ($2.376)
  • 73 Classroom Hours ($7,081)
  • Workbook and Resources ($107)
  • Annual Membership to HRCCI ($5,700)

Your Cost Today $3,197

Virtual Option

(Anywhere in the world)

Train My Team

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