Dr. Annemarie Spadafore, ACC

Dr. Annemarie Spadafore, ACC

Dr. Annemarie Spadafore

PhD, ACC | Executive Coach & Sr. Leadership Facilitator,  Virginia

Annemarie Spadafore has 15+ years of experience in bringing a relationship-centered focus, persuasiveness, and contagious enthusiasm to human and organizational development efforts. She specifically focuses on assisting high-potential individuals and organizations make the necessary leaps to elevate themselves, and has assisted many talented leaders in managing change and embracing new roles, policies, procedures, and technology.

As an organizational and leadership development expert, Dr. Spadafore has experience overseeing the creation and execution of projects to uncover performance gaps in business processes and internal culture, and in advancing the leadership skills of current and future executives. She has facilitated meaningful and effective change through excellent rapport with individuals, creating powerful partnerships to move projects forward externally as a consultant to government agencies including USAID and prestigious institutions including the George Washington University, internally as a government executive who superbly managed hundreds of partnerships with diverse federal, state, and local stakeholders on a complex construction project, and within private businesses in the media and polling sectors.

As an Executive Coach, she has worked in partnership with leaders, assisting them in elevating their performance and emotional intelligence, fully embracing both new and established leadership roles, handling difficult conversations and conflict with others, and preparing leaders to be effective representatives of their organizations.

Coaching and Facilitation Topics:
• Maintaining Team Cohesion after an Unexpected Change in Leadership
• Executing New Programs, Policies, and Procedures
• Weathering Political and Organizational Change
• Emotional Intelligence and Active Listening in the Workplace
• Transitioning from Technical Specialist to Manager, Supervisor, and Leader
• Public Speaking and Public Appearance Preparation
• Congressional and Regulatory Agency Hearing Preparation
• Relationship Building and Networking
• Providing Effective Feedback
• Difficult Performance Conversations
• Roles & Responsibility Conversations
• Creating and Maintaining Trust and Engagement in the Workplace
• Public Sector: Small and Large Federal Agencies and NGOs (domestic and international)
• Private Sector: Professional Services, Sales, Legal, Academia, Non-Profit, Design &
Construction, IT, Health Care, Green Energy, Politics, Media, and the Arts

She excels in creating partnerships of trust with both public and private sector clients, skillfully utilizing this experience in one-on-one conversations, group coaching, and large group facilitation. Her training in the social sciences enables her to successfully translate and enable her clients to benefit from cutting-edge research and information.

She possesses a unique understanding of the challenges of leading in the 21st century, which she combines with an enthusiasm and optimism that helps her clients maintain motivation and a mission-based focus.

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