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12+ Educational Webinars
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  • 1 HRCI recertification credit value
  • 1 hour each

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On-Demand Learning (Value $1,200)

Career Branding & Informational Podcasts (Value $1,125)

Total Minimum Value $5,700

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Train Me To Coach

Emerging Coach Training

Two (2) Options

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Course Value

  • 10 Hours Mentor Coaching ($1,200)
  • 33 Re-Certification Credits ($2.376)
  • 73 Classroom Hours ($7,081)
  • Workbook and Resources ($107)
  • Annual Membership to HRCCI ($5,700)

Total Minimum Value $16,464

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Train My Team

Corporate Coach Training

  • Inclusion, Conflict, Team, and Group Coaching  $997
  • 10 hours of mentor coaching (ICF Required) $1,200
  • Coaching Culture Design and Consultation - $1,400
  • 33 Re-Certification Credits - $2,376
  • 73 Classroom Hours - $7,081
  • Workbook & Resources (Value $107)
  • Annual HRCCI Membership $5,700

Total Minimum Value $18,861
(per person value)

Our Leadership Team

Pamela J. Green


HR Coaching & Career Institute President & Founder, Motivational Speaker, Washington DC

Carl Jefferson

Ph.D., PCC

Coach Assessment Consultant
& Facilitator – Georgia

Linda Hardenstein


Coach Facilitator

Annemarie Spadafore

Ph.D., ACC

Coach Facilitator

Positive People

Building self-confidence of employees to face challenges is critical to meeting organizational demands.

Source: International Coaching Federation

Why Our Team?

  • Receive promotions;
  • Get exposure to new opportunities;
  • Receive raises;
  • Expand your career options;
  • Compete globally;
  • Boost the longevity and sustainability of your career;
  • Receive ongoing guidance and support;
  • You'll develop resilience and relevance;
  • You'll expand your network and net-worth;
  • You'll increase your leadership impact and impression;
  • You'll gain exposure to the latest trends impacting HR.

Bottom Line?

YOU win, YOUR career wins, and
YOUR organization wins!

Increased Productivity

Professional coaching maximizes potential and, therefore, unlocks latent sources of productivity.

Source: International Coaching Federation

What People Are Saying

"I attended HRCCI to obtain my ICF credential and it was the best decision for me. The class was comprehensive and challenging which made me very prepared to pass my ICF test and begin my career as a coach. The class had diverse students and presented culturally appropriate information which is something I value highly and I know it is not available at every school. All of the instructors and mentors were knowledgeable and accessible. The Masterclass provided different methods of learning and allowed plenty of time to practice and build my confidence. I am now working as a coach and I have recommended this school to others who have asked about it."
Anne S.
Pam sets an outstanding example as a professional coach and trainer. Her experience and insights went beyond the student manuals giving us tangible and practical feedback on how to improve our coaching capabilities. The mix of classroom and weekly discussions made a difference--not only providing the theory but making sure that we could effectively and reliably put our new skills into practice.
Lisa M.
Since taking your master class last year I have been coaching people to help themselves instead of telling them what to do.  It not only gives them an aha moment, but I also get the same feeling when I see an individual change their course of action not because I suggested it, but because they worked through it on their own.  The master class has profoundly changed my life as well by using the techniques taught in the class I have been able to work through my life and professional goals.  Last of all, many colleagues and friends have commented on how I should not only be a Coach but a Life Coach as well.  Since the class, I have gone on to obtain my Career Coaching Certification as well. This will assist me in the spectrum of being a full embodied “Coach” in all areas.
Thank You, Pam, for being part of that change in my life.
Wanda D., HR Business Partner
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